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Dr. Deborah Hickling

Dr. Deborah Hickling is Executive Director of Ink and Vision Ltd a Creative Economy Development; and Development Communication firm in Jamaica. Dr. Hickling has been a cultural and creative industries practitioner, administrator and educator for over twenty
years, working across the disciplines of management, broadcasting, audio-visual and events production, advertising, public relations and arts management.

Deborah is a Visiting Research Fellow in Creative Economy Development at the University of the West Indies; where she lectures and supervizes both business and cultural studies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the Mona School of Business and Management; and the Institute of Caribbean Studies.

Dr. Hickling is a co-author of and contributor to the crafting of Jamaica’s Culture and Creative Economy Policy (underway). Between 2014 – 2015 she led the interministerial process of crafting Jamaica’s Creative Economy Policy Framework while serving as Conveynor of the National Cultural and Creative Industries Commission, chaired by the
Prime Minister of Jamaica; and as Chair of the Inter-ministerial Technical Working Group for Cultural and Creative Industries within the Office of the Prime Minister. These entities have been tasked with developing creative economy policy and a master plan for sustainable development for the related sectors.

As Director of Operations and Advisor within Prime Minister’s Support Unit at Jamaica’s Office of the Prime Minister, the Integrated Marketing Communicator applied her range of skills to the provision of strategic management and High Level planning services for Jamaica’s first Female Prime Minister. Dr. Hickling’s responsibilities included the provision
of logistical direction for the Prime Minister’s local and overseas travel and daily activities, operations and content management, High Level domestic, regional, bilateral and multilateral liason and the performance of select communications functions in relation to the executive management of the Prime Minister’s activities.

Through her company, Dr Hickling continues to provide bridging services to creative professionals including VIP logistics, creative coordination, contract administration and professional development. She continues to design and deliver tertiary-level courses in cultural studies, media and communication, cultural and creative enterprise management
and production; is an adjunct lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Management and Communications Arts and Technology Department at Jamaicas University of Technology; and at the vocational institutes HEART NTA, The Creative Production and Training Centre (CPTC) and at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) in Jamaica.

Dr. Deborah Hickling