South African Cultural Observatory National Conference

Shukri Toefy, Chief Executive Officer at Fort

Decolonising Africa's Creative Economy

Shukri Toefy is an entrepreneur, strategist and opinion leader in business and brand communication. He is the co-founder and CEO of Fort, working with CCO and director Amr Singh based in Johannesburg, South Africa. With a degree in Law and Business from the University of Cape Town, Shukri’s analytical approach lead him to leadership positions in businesses and global brand campaigns in South Africa early on in his career. Shukri is a dynamic leader and strategist with the ability to drive change, motivate and inspire. Known for entrenching a culture of growth and unlocking value, Shukri has been hailed as a pioneer in creating an in-sourcing model for film, media and creative services in South Africa.

Shukri has served on a number of boards, including The Cape Film Commission, Sizalo Investment Group, and His presentation will look at understanding the creative economy, its value and development, impact on the cultural and creative industries, and what it means to decolonise the African creative economy.

“Our wealth flows offshore, and international voices often dictate our agenda, we tend to over value global and undervalue African. We need to find our voice and develop a new generation of storytellers, thus shifting the African Creative Economy. What will it mean to see decolonisation within the traditional business model and shift away from the slave-master mentality to a shared prosperity model that has a waterfall effect on employees? Could it result in shared pride in and ownership of the economy? Globalisation has given us all the opportunity to shout louder and drive our own narratives through an afro-centric voice, and reach further because we live in a more connected world than ever before.”

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Cultural Observatory issues call for National Conference papers

January 31, 2017: THE SOUTH African Cultural Observatory (SACO) today announced the theme for its national conference of the arts, heritage and culture sectors.

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