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Banele Lukhele

Banele Lukhele is a freelance educator, writer and composer. She self-published her first novella in 2010, called My Name is Grace. She then went on to complete a Bachelor of Music at the University of Witwatersrand majoring in composition and research. In her honours year, 2014, Banele worked as the program assistant for the South Africa Washington International Program, a leadership development programme. Parallel to this, she has been involved in private education as well as volunteering; her main subjects are Mathematics, English, Life Skills/Life Orientation and Music. In 2012/2013 she began to explore alternative teaching methods, including teaching through play and cultural exchange.  Banele’s interest in this topic encouraged her to take the first six months of 2015 off to volunteer as a teacher in India and Tanzania. She currently practices as a private Maths and English teachers, using school content as a basis to teach skills such as critical thinking, analytical thinking, social and self-awareness, amongst other. Over and above this she is volunteering Love and Grow Mentorship which is fully run by women. Recently, Banele self-published her second book Mending a Broken Heart. With all of this exposure Banele hopes to continue playing an important role in child development, education and the advancement of women in leadership.

Banele Lukele

Banele Lukele

Cultural Observatory issues call for National Conference papers

January 31, 2017: THE SOUTH African Cultural Observatory (SACO) today announced the theme for its national conference of the arts, heritage and culture sectors.

2016 National Conference Highlights

Watch the SACO 'National Conference 2016 - Counting Culture' highlights video featuring interviews with some of the speakers and participants; and conference insights and lessons.

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